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Our number is 403-910-0622

Driver training is an important step to becoming a safe and responsible driver. Airdrie Driving Academy, a local certified driving school, offers affordable driver education courses with online scheduling for classroom and behind the wheel training. Our flexible courses are taught by certified driving instructors.

We believe that learning to drive in Airdrie shouldn't be outrageously expensive! This may deprive many individuals the chance of learning. This is why we see so many unqualified drivers on the roads. Learning to drive safely is everyone's right; therefore, we offer programs that are affordable. Our pricing structure is very flexible and learner oriented. For your convenience payment can be made online with visa or M/C. ***** We do not accept Debit Visa.***** E-transfers can be made to

To enjoy a great learning experience without hurting your pocket book, you must opt for Airdrie Drivers Academy. We are a certified driving school that specializes in training teenagers with affordable driver education courses geared towards them; as well as, for adults. We also offer online scheduling for both in-class and behind the wheel training. Flexible programs are offered to our clients by the Airdrie team of certified instructors.


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