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ON PROMO!!!Airdrie driving academy packages and prices GST included

For your convenience payment can be made online with Visa or M/C  No Debit!!!. 

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Online course With 10 Hours Behind The wheel  »  $690

We no availability for our driving sessions till late July and August!

Recommended:  This Program consists of 15 hours of online knowledge training course , 10 hours of Behind-the-Wheel instruction.  Upon completion of this course, student will receive a certificate of completion which can be used to lower Insurance Rates.

  To complete hours of online knowlege training all you need is internet connection.This course can be completed in the comfort of home, school, or even during your coffee break.  It is the most convenient way of taking Drivers Ed. If you have any further questions please contact us at (403)910-0622. Please note: If you see a start date on this course please starts when you make the payment.

This course is delivered via email/junk within 12 hrs.


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10 hours Behind The wheel only (no certification )  »  $625

We have no availability for our driving sessions till late July and August!

This course consists of 10 hours Behind-the-Wheel instruction .  Classroom hours are NOT included in this package. Behind-the-Wheel lessons are generally administered in 5 sessions of 2 hours each.  There is no certification for this course.

  If you have been driving in another country, and have no Canadian driving experience, or have some driving experience but are not confident enough to drive around downtown, or you are still nervous about driving on highways, this course is highly recomended. 


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Car Rental for road Test  »  $60

 If using one of our vehicles for your road test, contact Diane by email. I will call you as soon as I can and we can work this out together. Thank You!

Please Note...anyone booking the car for road test will be met at the Registry Office. If you're a student and have a road test right after your last driving session we will drive you to the Registry Office

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2 Hours BTW (Road Test Brush Up course)  »  $130

We have no availability for our driving sessions till late July and August!

The Brush Up course consists of two hours of behind the wheel instruction only.(we also provide 4 & 6hrs. BTW if you feel the need) It is designed for students who wish to improve their driving performance (brush up) before they go for road test.

You may have been driving with family car or some other driving schools and know the basic of driving when you buy this course. Knowing the basics may not be enough when it comes to road test performance. We can show you what Alberta examiners are expecting to see in your performance. So we only focus on how to pass your road test.

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